With growers in more than 50 countries, we believe in growing together. That's why we invest in our growers and maintain long-standing relationships.

Around the Globe

From the whole world, to the whole world

Sourcing from own production

TFC and its founders are directly involved in Africa and South America as owners and financing partners in the production of their own marketed products.

  • check_circle Sustainable and long-term safeguarding of raw materials
  • check_circle Shortest possible supply chain
  • check_circle Immeasurable influence on cultivation and working conditions
  • check_circle Guided variety selection and cultivation

Exclusive produce

In addition to own productions, numerous agreements for the exclusive acceptance of commissioned production are maintained with producers.

  • check_circle Better collaboration
  • check_circle Reliable planning
  • check_circle Long-standing partnerships
  • check_circle Security for producers and buyers
Aware of social responsibility

Aware of social responsibility

As a global player, we take our responsibility for people and the environment very seriously by ensuring ethically and socially fair production conditions in the countries of origin. We feel responsible for actively contributing to creating a world in which all producers and workers have a livelihood, can develop their potential, and shape their own future.

What we're proud of


With a big range, sustainability plays just as big a role. In addition to 100% recyclable packaging, we also have a sustainability strategy for our employees, products and planet.


For the sake of the environment, our packaging is 100% recyclable. Besides recyclable packaging, we have also set guidelines that correspond to our sustainability thoughts.