For more than 30 years, our production site in the Netherlands has been our most important hub. Here, the goods are refined every day and specially packaged according to customer requirements. Our sales office is also at this location. So we are very close.

Daily from the ports to the consumers

Direct access to the port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport are crucial for us in the dynamic fresh produce trade. From the Netherlands, we deliver daily to supermarket chains, specialist shops and wholesale markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Quality standards

Our products are controlled daily according to international standards. In addition to sensory tests and regular checks in internal and external laboratories, there is a careful examination of appearance and taste.

New site

The new, logistically favorable location in Waddinxveen allows a significant expansion of storage, ripening and processing capacities on more than 26,000m². In this way, we are creating sufficient space for modern and efficient production processes.


From our own fields, to Ready-To-Eat deliveries and high quality standards, to sustainable farming practices. Discover our core competencies and explore what makes TFC tick.


Our growers and fruit wholesale markets are extensively certified according to regional, national and international labels and food safety standards. This enables us to offer our customers maximum safety and transparency - from the orchard to delivery.


Perfect ripeness through the latest technology. The Softripe® process uses artificial intelligence to control the ripening of fruit. TFC Holland is one of the first companies in Europe to use this technology, and with great success.

What we're proud of


With a big range, sustainability plays just as big a role. In addition to 100% recyclable packaging, we also have a sustainability strategy for our employees, products and planet.


We support our growers with our knowledge and experience in certifications required for our common markets. With this approach, we have built on a robust international network over 30 years, supplying exotics from around the world all year round.