We offer our customers the highest level of safety and transparency - from the cultivation area to delivery. We achieve this with extensive certifications, which are based on regional, national and international food safety standards.

Our certificates

BRC (Grade A)

Grade A is the highest achievable level of BRC certification. The certificate was established by the British Retail Consortium, an association of British retailers. An important requirement of the BRC system is that a quality system is applied. Furthermore, the certificate sets requirements for the HACCP application and the environment, the product, the process and the personnel must be included in the quality system. The BRC certificate is renowned and therefore recognised by the European retail organisation CIES.

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IFS (Higher Level)

IFS, the abbreviation for International Feature Standards, is the developed quality standard for food processing companies. To qualify for certification, companies must meet strict requirements in the field of quality and food safety. The IFS certificate is comparable to the BRC certificate, in this case large German retailers are the initiators.


Skal Biocontrole monitors organic products in the Netherlands. Skal controls whether the 3300 certified organic entrepreneurs comply with the regulations for organic products. This ensures the customer's safety when buying organic products.


Fairtrade is a strategy that aims to promote sustainable development and reduce poverty through fairer trade.

The main objective of Fairtrade is to change the conventional trading system to help disadvantaged small producers and workers and improve their access to markets. These measures can lead to improvements in the social and economic well-being of small producers and workers, as well as their empowerment and environmental sustainability. At TFC, we feel a responsibility to actively contribute and support them as much as possible to create a world where all smallholder farmers and workers have livelihoods, can fulfil their potential and shape their own future. Since we started working with Fairtrade in 2016, we have rapidly expanded our range of Fairtrade certified products and currently offer more than 15 fully certified products from 8 different countries.

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Member of Sedex

Sedex is an international organisation that actively supports ethical and correct entrepreneurship in production chains. Sedex's activities are mainly focused on health, safety and work situations.


Through our BSCI membership, we are committed to ensuring social standards within our production chains. Part of the BSCI guidelines are the requirements of fair remuneration and humane production conditions.

Ambassador for Oxfam Novib

As ambassadors for Oxfam Novib, we work for a world without poverty. We do this by supporting producers in developing countries in setting up their own cooperatives, for example by providing investment loans and know-how.

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