TFC Holland is one of the first companies in Europe to use the new Softripe® technology. 
 This differs significantly from conventional processes for the production of ready-to-eat products thanks to a meticulously controlled ripening process.

Latest Softripe® technology and improves quality and storelife.

The latest artificial intelligence-based technology for the precise ripening of avocados and mangos underscores the high standards of product quality and responsible use of resources. The Softripe® process results in even better fruit quality and significantly longer shelf life, even without the use of additives. This minimizes markdowns due to fruit losses along the value chain.

Advantages of Softripe®:

In addition to own productions, numerous agreements for exclusive acceptance of commissioned production are maintained with producers.


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The Softripe® process focuses on fruit respiration and thus the "well-being" of the fruit during the ripening process. The technology, which is supported by artificial intelligence, permanently monitors the atmosphere in the ripening chamber and adjusts it individually in relation to the respective metabolic processes of the fruit. "The very homogeneous and consistently high ripening qualities have convinced us," confirms Falk Schlusnus, new CEO at TFC Holland since 2021.


Thanks to the patented Softripe® technology, the fruit ripens in such a way that it has a significantly longer shelf life on retail shelves and under normal household conditions. In addition, quality defects inside the fruit, such as the discoloration of the fibers in the pulp known as vascular browning, can be significantly reduced with the new method.


Blind tests have shown that Softripe® avocados are said to have better sensory properties than fruit from conventional ripening processes due to their nuttier and more aromatic flavor and creamier texture. The reduced moisture loss during the ripening process also provides an even fresher product experience. Increased purchase intention was also observed compared to conventionally ripened avocados.

Increased purchase intention ¹

Compared to conventionally ripened avocados, an increased purchase intention could be observed.

¹ Extract from study on sensory properties of Softripe® avocados conducted by Campden BRI according to BS ISO11136:2014 / n=70


The aim is to reduce food losses along the value chain and offer our customers not only ripe for consumption, but perfect, aromatic and sweet fruit with a longer shelf life. Already during the testing of the technology, another effect of the increased ripeness quality became apparent: food losses can also be further reduced in this phase due to an increased pack-out. "Although the preservation of ripened fruit by applying protective layers is currently the focus of the industry, the decision in favor of softriping as a state-of-the-art ripening technology - entirely without the use of additives - is currently the more obvious and sustainable step for us," explains Falk Schlusnus, who has accompanied this forward-looking investment at TFC Holland since 2019 and helped get it off the ground. In addition, the Softripe® process significantly shortens the necessary maturing time and thus reduces the required energy input.

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