Some exotics are already so popular that you almost can't call them "exotic" anymore. We still make the difference for your customers through high quality in cultivation, storage and ripening.

Because exotics are hard to find ...

... we go in search for you

... and source from over 50 countries around the world

... and the list grows!

Choice of 120+ fruits

What makes our exotics:


Thanks to the latest ripening technology

always available

We think globally, because somewhere is always the season

Highest quality and freshness

Professional QM and QA with shortest supply chains


Our teams search and find new products independently and according to customer requirements

Questions about our range?


Perfect ripeness through the latest technology. The Softripe® process uses artificial intelligence to control the ripening of fruit.TFC Holland is one of the first companies in Europe to use this technology, and with great success.