As a supplier of more than 200 exotic fruits and vegetables from over 50 countries, sustainability is an integral part of our work.

Respect and care for our people, products and planet

We are committed to treating our people, our products and our planet with the utmost respect and care in our global supply chains. This is not only our responsibility, but also key to our future in providing people with fresh produce.

With three pillars to sustainability

We have carefully developed a strategy aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that informs our daily business decisions and activities. This resulted in the Triple P - Sustainability Framework, which comprises the following three pillars:


Our people are the driving force in our fresh produce business, from growing to packaging to distribution. We want to ensure that people throughout our value chain are healthy, safe and comfortable both at work and at home.


Our fresh products are the heart of our business. We are proud to offer outstanding quality, transparent value chains and the highest standards of food safety together with our long-standing partnerships.


Our business is built on the beauty of our planet. It is our responsibility to proactively reduce our impact on nature and the climate, and we strive to make it positive so that we can continue to do what we love.